The Outside World

The more you do with your English Setter, the more developed his or her mind will become, and the more you two will become a team. Your relationship with your dog will be more fruitful and fulfilling to both of you if you take him or her to classes for socialization and get him or her out into the world as much as possible. A dog that is left at home all the time does not develop its full potential as much as a dog that is allowed to have many varied experiences in which it can meet other dogs and lots of people.

Make it a habit taking yor Setter to a secure area where he may run freely. Setters are very social animals, they love everything and everyone. They will run up to anything to see if it will engage in a game or give a loving pat. They are heedless of things like a roadway with cars in between them and the children they seeing playing ball across the street.

The leash
Everyone deserves a safe place to run free, exercise and play. Picture yourself a life constantly on a leash, never being able to chase and pounce on a ball or just run some laps for the fun of it. Without safe, secure boundaries to romp in, a Setter will become bored, hyper and destructive. Setters are hunting dogs and require exercise to maintain healthy bodies and joints. Without the ability to run and play freely, they can become obese, out of shape and very unhappy. Regular exercise keeps them fit and healthy.

Even the most well trained Setter still needs free space to do their own thing unencumbered. Dogs are taught to "heel" (walk politely by your side) and most trained Setters do so very nicely, provided nothing else grabs their attention. While this is fun for the person walking the dog, it is not fun for the dog as their only means of exercise. Life would be very boring if you had to spend your entire life walking right beside someone without ever getting to go where you wanted to go, smell what you wanted to smell, etc. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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