Male or a female?

This depends upon your personal circumstances and what you want in the personality of the English Setter. They are all individuals, but dogs tend to have a different personality to bitches. Often, a dog is a baby and does not like to be left alone. If he's a house dog, he'll want to go everywhere with you ... even the bathroom.

Bitches are frequently more independent and possibly more assertive. In a kennel full of dogs and bitches, the dog thinks he's the boss. The bitch knows she's the boss and just lets the dog think it.

Bitches grow less coat than dogs, so if this is an issue, a bitch may be the best option. On the other hand, a bitch will usually have a season every 6-12 months (although it can be longer) and this typically lasts for three weeks. If this is going to be a problem, a dog may be the better option. Dogs are taller and heavier than bitches.

Personally, I prefer males. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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