It's all about loving you

The English Setter is an intensely friendly and good-natured breed of dog whose mellow temperament makes it an excellent family pet.

More than other breeds, English Setters offer unconditional love. They ask for so little-loving care, kindness, and some of your time-and they give so much in return. If you gain 50 pounds or suffer a demotion at work, your English Setter doesn't care. He or she will love you with all of his heart, no matter what.

Siemens The English Setter is very gentle, placid, friendly. Excellent with children. Mild mannered and sensitive. He loves affection. Enthusiastic and lively outdoors, but relatively inactive indoors. They are somewhat willful and can be difficult to housebreak. Training should start early to prevent development of bad habits, but should never be harshly treated.

It needs lots of companionship and enjoys playing with other dogs. They like to roam and are diggers and good jumpers. There are two types of English Setter: field and show. Both types need daily exercise to stay healthy and happy and must have a fenced yard. The English Setter tends to be quite vocal and can become a nuisance barker if not discouraged early in life. Some English Setters may drool, although not obsessively like some of the Mastiff type dogs. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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