The Garden

If you intend to leave your English Setter loose in the garden, you need to make sure it is secure. Is the garden fenced? Does it have a gate? How high is the fence and gate? An English Setter can scale a six-foot fence if it feels inclined to do so. It can also dig underneath a fence which is not secure at the base or squeeze through small holes in a fence. English Setters seem to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side! Are you a keen gardener? English Setters love to dig holes in the garden.

You also need to consider traffic. Do you live on a busy road? If the dog got outside the garden, would it be in danger? Dog owners can be held liable for damage caused by their animals, including damage to cars.

Do not leave your Setter alone outside, tied up, for more than an hour at the time, unless he wants to himself. Tying a dog with a chain or rope is never a good idea because the dog cannot escape if threatened by predators, fire, or the like. Repeatedly tying a dog can make it aggressive towards strangers, and even family members. This applies to most breeds, and it may even make a Setter hostile. As a breed, they love being with people and are happiest if kept in the house in the company of their family.

Do not use electrical or invisible fencing. As stated before, Setters love to chase things. Many excited Setters will forget about the shock or decide the shock is worth the fun and chase the deer, ball, child, etc. right out of the yard anyway. What they won't do is come back into the yard when it's over because, now that the excitement of the chase is over, they know the shock is coming.

In addition, there have been reports of dogs "freezing" at the transmitter line and getting repetitively shocked over and over again.

Also, this type of fencing only affects the animal wearing the special collar. It does not keep things out of the yard. It won't stop other dogs, animals, people, etc. from coming into the yard and chasing, harming, attacking, or stealing the dog.

You must also remember that by using a electrical you risk the power to go dead, be lost or interrupted at any time without warning, thus rendering the 'fence' useless. Electrical containment does have its merits and is very effective at keeping dogs out of forbidden areas such as flowerbeds, gardens, certain rooms/areas of the house, but electrical containment does not suffice as a primary barrier fence. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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