Colour & Size

The most usual colours are white flecked with either black (blue belton), tan (orange belton), or lemon (lemon belton) or white flecked with black and tan (tricolour). In the latter case, the tan markings appear only on the head, neck, chest, forelegs and hindlegs. Liver flecking (liver belton) is also possible, but much less common.

As in most breeds, males (known as dogs) are bigger than females (known as bitches). Typically, bitches stand 23-26 inches (58-66 cm) at the withers (shoulders) and weigh between 45-70 pounds (20-32 kg) fully grown. Fully grown dogs stand 24-27 inches (61-69 cm) at the withers and weigh 55-80 pounds (25-36 kg). Field-bred Setters are a little smaller and carry less coat than Setters from show stock.

When an adult dog stands on its hind legs, it can easily place its paws on a woman's shoulders or a man's chest. During the last few decades Setters have become smaller than they were before due to breeding. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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