English Setters and Children

English Setters are one of the most suitable breeds to have around children. The mellow temperament and loving nature of English Setters mean they do very well with children. If the temperament is anything other than outgoing, sweet, and mellow, it is not correct for the breed. One would not hesitate to leave an English Setter alone with a small child.

I would not leave a Setter alone with baby, not because the Setter cannot be trusted with babies, but because the sounds babies make may trigger the curiosity of the Setter, and the Setter may overturn the baby carriage or unintentionally push the baby. Babies are very fragile.

Toddlers, with their sudden movements and propensity to pull ears and tails and poke eyes, need some instruction and supervision from parents if they are to mix successfully with any dog. In fact, parents need to be concerned for the dog's welfare rather than the child's when putting toddlers and English Setters together. Because many English Setters are so tolerant, they will allow children to inflict pain on them.

Because both are still learning the rules of civilization, toddlers and puppies do not mix well unless there is a great deal of adult supervision. If you have toddlers, you should probably get an adult dog rather than a puppy. Many English Setter breeders prefer to place puppies in homes where the children are older and more responsible, age 6 or more. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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