General Appearance

The English Setter is of medium height, clean in outline and elegant in appearance. It moves with a free and graceful action, suggesting speed and endurance. It is very active with a keen game sense and is intensely friendly and good natured. The temperament is one of the distinguishing features of the breed, making it an excellent family pet.


The head is long, with a pronounced frontal stop. The muzzle is approximately half the total length of the head, and is fairly square. The eyes are large and brilliant, with a sweet expression and they are hazel in color. The nose is dark. The moderately long pendant ears have a velvety tip. The tail, ears, legs, and underside are all heavily fringed. The tail is straight and tapers to a small point. The chest is quite deep, but not wide.

From the back of the head, in line with the ears, the unique speckled coat is long, silky and slightly wavy, although not curly. The specking may be more or less heavy and the markings may be of any size. The breeches and forelegs, nearly down to the feet, are well-feathered. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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