Allergies to pollen, flea bites, and molds are also known to affect English Setters. As in any allergic patient, medication and proper environmental control can keep the dog healthy and normal in all respects.

English Setters have very sensitive skins and are susceptible to many types of skin allergies. Research by dermatologists seems to indicate that these allergies do not have a single cause. They most likely have a genetic component, but the living environment also seems to have some impact. In particular, they discovered that English Setters are particularly allergic to human dander (dead skin) and to the common house dust mite (present in carpets, furniture, etc). They are also prone to external parasites such as harvest mites and these can cause itching during this time of the year.

Many English Setters never experience any skin problems at all. However, those which are affected can experience anything from a slight reddening of the skin (or a mild itch) to chronic cases in which the animal suffers from permanent open sores and hair loss. Invariably, this is not predictable in young puppies.

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