If you are considering owning an English Setter, please consider adopting an adult instead of getting a puppy. There are many loving English Setters who needs a second chance at life.

There are many advantages to getting an adult instead of a puppy. An adult has already been trained at basic obedience, is usually housebroken, and is also cheaper to have than a puppy.

Many rescue dogs come from owners who no longer want to care for them. Usually, these people bought a cute fluffy puppy without realizing the cute puppy would soon become a large, hairy, adult dog who would need lots of time, training, love and attention. This is often when they decide to get rid of it because "they donít have time for it." Occasionally owners have to place their dogs because of allergies or because they are moving somewhere the dog will not be welcome.

Many rescue dogs have not been abused or neglected, and they are not dangerous. They are simply the products of bad decision making. If a dog has been abused or neglected, most are simply grateful to now be in loving homes. Most new owners report their dog seems to know what has happened and is all the more attentive and loving because of his former situation.

A respectable rescue organization will screen every dog in foster care temperamentally and medically to insure that only sound healthy dogs are placed. No two dogs even of the same breed are ever alike. Most rescue dogs are friendly, wonderful dogs who desperately need love and attention.

Do not be concerned about taking on an older Setter from the point of view of bonding. An English Setter will usually bond to a new owner even in the latter years of it's life. Its primary concern is that it wants an owner who will care for it and give it a permanent, loving home. If you feel that you could give a good home to an English Setter under these circumstances, consider contacting a rescue organization.

There is usually an adoption fee which helps cover the costs of care, support, veterinary bills, educational and administrative functions. Go to Sitemap | Animal Concerns Community | English Setter Rescue
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